Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I know this is blog #3 for the day, but it has been a long time and I didn't want to through everything into one post. So here is the latest greatest in our small family.

#1: Health

I have successfully completed infuzion #3 and all is still going well. After 10 years of this crazy disease my bowel is finally calming down. Most doctors are surprised I still have my colon! So I should consider myself lucky, right? I have lost 6 lbs. but I have a long road. I am taking the weight loss in 5 lb. increments so I can stay positive. My really big goal is to eventually loose 50 lbs. Yep, that is how much prednisone weight I put on. (sob) I have been off the roids' for 3 weeks now. Still having hot flashes like no other and quite a bit of swelling. Overall things are looking up.

Chris just found out he has a torn meniscus and a possible bone spur. It looks like he will probably be having surgery in June. Fortunately it should be same day and he should only be down for a couple of weeks. It has really started bothering him since becoming a surgical technician since he is on his feet all day.

#2: Housing

Chris and I had found a great new apartment so to save a little cash we decided to move out early and live with my grandparents until our move in date of May 1st. Well, the woman we were going to rent from went postal! (PHSYCO! More on that later...) We both decided that it would be best to run and never look back..... so we are currently homeless since about April 5th..... Still working on finding a place and not having the greatest luck!

Those are probably the most exciting happenings for us at the moment. More to come later!
Another Hobby

This is one of my latest hobbies and I absolutely LOVE doing it. I am hoping to sell my jewelry eventually. Maybe when there is less stress in my life. I would love to do custom wedding jewelry also. We shall see. These are a mere fraction of the items I have made. I will post more once I take photos!!!
I love the smell of flowers....

This is a very small image portfolio.... For those of you who may not know, I tried running a flower arranging business last year. Needless to say, in Utah County it is tough to make money doing anything! These are just a few of my designs. I did another wedding in December of 07' but I cannot find those photos. I am posting these for a member of the family that is getting married. This is what I do/did... If you like it I would love to help you out. Congrats on the engagement!!!