Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weight Loss & Health Update

Well, I am down 10 lbs. Only 40 more to go! ha ha ha..... Really though, I am doing very well. The Remicaide Infusions are really working and I am down to one infusion every 8 weeks. FINALLY! I am taking an aerobics class at BYU this summer so I will be working out 4 times a week and I am going to try doing a couple more on my own outside of class. I would love to loose another 10-20 lbs. this summer. Wish me luck.... Here are some pictures of my progress....
The first is me currently, then me at my very heaviest about 2 months ago, me before my last 30 lb. weight gain, and then me in 2005..... Starting to look a little bit more like myself!

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